Asbestos is an effective insulator and material strengthener but exposure to asbestos can be highly toxic. Inhaling or ingesting asbestos dust can cause the mineral’s fibers to become permanently trapped in the body, causing inflammation, scarring, lung disease, and various cancers, including a rare and aggressive cancer called mesothelioma. At CCS CAT, we are dedicated to using top of the line equipment and procedures for asbestos abatement.

  • Our IICRC Certified Asbestos Abatement Specialists will:
    • Perform afull inspection
    • Estimate the extent of asbestos damage
    • Work with and directly bill your insurance company
    • Remove asbestos and asbestos-infested materials
    • Contain and isolate asbestos, clean-up, dry-out
    • Sanitation and air filtration
    • Provide contents pack-out, restoration, and storage
    • Provide demolition, construction, and reconstruction (if necessary)
    • Perform continued monitoring

At CCS CAT, our knowledgeable project managers and technicians are equipped to handle any sized asbestos situation. We specialize in the restoration of healthcare facilities facing the worst fire, water, mold, and storm emergencies—NO CRISIS IS TOO BIG FOR US! Don’t attempt to resolve your asbestos issues alone, call our skilled experts at (615) 254-0405 anytime of the day or night. Our restoration crews are available 24/7 to perform the necessary asbestos abatement services for your healthcare facility.