ICRA Containments

CCS CAT, a leader in Restoration within Healthcare Facilities, specializes in custom wall containment systems. All containments are custom built to project specifications and meet all ICRA standards. Depending of the size, scope, and needs of the project, CCS CAT’s team can adequately create an ICRA Containment to meet any and all needs. These containment solutions can include proper Negative Air Machines and Digital Manometers to ensure the project remains under negative pressure at all times.

Polyethylene Containments:

All polyethylene containments are custom designed and built to meet any need. These containments are created using metal studs and 6mil fire retardant polyethylene. All containments are sealed and airtight to prevent any cross contamination and can withstand months on the job.

Hard Wall Containment Systems:

Our hard wall containment systems are erected to hide the disruption of renovation or remediation in Healthcare Facilities. This hard wall system is the industry’s premier, most durable temporary containment solution and established with sound attenuating category of containment. This system is easy to install and feature a disruption free lift and drop connection, bottom and top gasketing which creates an airtight system that exceeds Class IV ICRA and ASTM E-84 requirements and protects patients and staff in sensitive occupied areas from construction dust as well as infectious pathogens.