Water will definitely find its way into your building if there are any flaws in the structure. The longer water sits behind a wall, the worse the situation will become. Before you know it, a tiny trickle has become major damage. It is vital that a full remediation be performed in these instances, as an improper remediation could cause the problem to become worse, leading to a larger and more expensive future remediation and possible structural collapse.

Our IICRC Certified Exterior Service Specialists will:

  • Perform afull inspection using infrared cameras and moisture meters to determine the origin of the problem
  • Estimate the extent of damage
  • Work with and directly bill your insurance company
  • Remove exterior areas and interior drywall to reveal full extent
  • Remove sheathing to determine if rot has affected framing
  • Remove and replace all affected lumber and damaged construction elements, restore the full exterior to itsoriginal condition.
  • Install a proper water management system

At CCS CAT, our knowledgeable project managers and technicians are equipped to handle any situation. We specialize in the restoration of healthcare facilities facing the worst fire, water, mold, and storm emergencies—NO CRISIS IS TOO BIG FOR US! Don’t attempt to resolve your exterior issues alone, call our skilled experts at (615) 254-0405 anytime of the day or night. Our restoration crews are available 24/7 to perform the necessary exterior services for your healthcare facility.